Our Approach

We utilise a measured combination of bespoke tracking, our ML-driven predictive analytics, integrations to maximise first and third-party data deliver exceptional results.

Bespoke Tracking for Awareness

We believe the most powerful tool we have is our ability to find creative solutions to objective, data-driven problems.

For our clients, we identify and track all external influencing factors on campaign (and wider business) performance; competitor pricing, market size and advertiser share, competitor spend and targeting etc.; we then use this data in many ways: we track search market conditions and score the market on its current viability, we track movements in competitor targeting and spend to estimate peer account performance, and we track market share to measure if, or how fast we're growing (and much, much more).

Our tracking is the foundation of our market awareness, and the data we collect (external, or first-party) is what powers our decision-making.

Machine Learning-Driven Predictive Analytics for Understanding

Once we've collected all of the data we deem as valuable, we turn to data science; we leverage our machine learning-driven predictive analytics to both better help us understand the effect these factors have had on our performance to date, and to make predictions on future performance based on current market conditions. With this, we're able to infer more effective bidding and spend targets based on predicted campaign performance moving forward.

That said this isn't all-encompassing, and due to the nature of probability, it's not something we can rely on for every campaign we run. Where this falls down, we utilise best-fit alternatives to draw actionable insights.

Bespoke Integrations for Action

Due to the sheer scale of the problems, it would be physically impossible for us to achieve specific things through native interfaces. When we reach these barriers, we build systems that connect to the platforms via their APIs.

This enables us to perform specific day-to-day tasks around building accounts, performing analysis, taking backups, tracking account side experiments and results, updating adverts, and many more tasks that simply wouldn't be possible otherwise.

We rely on our own stack every day, and we're adding to it all of the time.

Cycled Testing for Progression

Continually running tests is at the heart of everything we do.

Working in such measured environments permits this; we're able to implement testing on almost every aspect of our work, at a scale not previously possible.

We're permanently, actively working towards better performance and cycled, tracked and recorded testing (in part) helps us achieve that.

Shared Slack for Updates

We follow rigid monthly, and sometimes weekly, reporting cycles with all of our clients.

We share Slack channels with every one of our clients too; so if you ever need to get in touch with us for something that doesn't require an hour on the phone or a five hundred word email, you can just drop us a message and we'll get back to you immediately.

Our Approach
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