Our Approach

We utilise a combination of bespoke competitor and world tracking, ML-driven predictive analytics, integrations to maximise first and third-party data, and cycled testing to deliver consistent, reliable results.

Bespoke Tracking for Awareness

We believe the most powerful tool we have is our ability to find creative solutions to objective, data-driven problems.

For our clients, we identify and track all external influencing factors on campaign (and wider business) performance; competitor pricing, competitor A/B testing, market size and advertiser share, competitor spend and targeting, your potential competitors' customers (and much more). We then exploit this visibility within our strategic decision-making, and more practically, we integrate the data from our tracking directly into our accounts for campaign management (this could be labelling products within our account if we're best priced on that day, or increasing the reach of those products automatically).

Our tracking is the foundation of our market awareness, and the data we collect (external, or first-party) is what powers our decision-making.

Machine Learning-Driven Predictive Analytics for Understanding

Once we've collected all the data we deem valuable, we leverage machine learning-driven predictive analytics to both better help us understand the effect specific factors, or events, have had on our performance to date (changes in weather, competitor pricing, football games etc.), and to forecast future performance based on future market and world conditions.

With this, we're able to determine the best times to run promotions, the most effective prices for your products, and how much spend at campaign level maximises either volume of GP, or rate of business growth while breaking even.

Bespoke Integrations for Action

It would be impossible to effectively manage large accounts (100, 1000, or 5000+ campaigns) using the native interfaces alone. When we reached this barrier, we began creating our own tools to overcome it.

This enables us to perform day-to-day tasks around building campaigns, automatically updating price extensions, taking account backups, tracking account side experiments and results, updating adverts, synchronising audiences and ad copy cross-platform, setup bespoke conversion tracking that only records the sales total margin, and much more.

We rely on our own stack every day, and we're adding to it all the time.

Cycled Testing for Progression

Continually running tests, and improving our performance, is at the heart of everything we do.

We're permanently working towards better performance, and cycled and recorded testing within our accounts, and strategies (in part) helps us achieve that.

Shared Slack Channels for Communication

Similar to how businesses operate internally, we believe that easy and accessible mediums of communication trump all others.

So while we follow weekly, or monthly reporting cycles with all of our clients via video calls or in-person meetings, we also share Slack channels with every one of them too.

So if you ever need to get in touch with us, you're able to drop your account manager a message directly.

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