About Us

Founded three years ago, we are a small team of multidisciplinary specialists united by PPC, progressing both the traditional approach to both PPC marketing and workplace culture.

So how are you so good at PPC marketing?

By leveraging machine learning-driven predictive analytics with game and decision theory, unrelenting testing and the bespoke tracking and integrations which we create firsthand, we build and manage campaigns that perform like no other.

By having them deeply connected to both the world around them and the future as we predict it; we’re able to pre-empt waste, exploit expected outcomes and generate immense results.

Ultimately PPC marketing is a multi-platform, interdisciplinary problem; the whole solution we’ve honed is as considerate, adaptive, and as connected as required to generate the best results that we believe are possible. You can find out more about our approach to PPC marketing here.

So why the four-day working week?

Great work begins with a great person, which is more than just the sum of their technical experience.

Burn-out and stress are very common in workplaces, and they’re both completely avoidable. Rather than attempting to make the volume of work more tolerable through company organised culture, we’ve decided to approach employment from a completely different angle; to provide working arrangements and working environments that put our needs as people first, to incubate exceptional well-being.

By providing our team something much more effective as a whole, and not just what is most profitable in the short term; we’ve increased our output-per-hour by over 24%, increased happiness by over 30%, and we create and facilitate the work of great people.

This is why every employee of Xaso works to a four-day full-time working week, is entitled to flexible working hours and days from (almost) any location, has access to many free health and fitness perks, and is enrolled in our company performance bonus scheme. Learn more about our four-day working week here.

If you’re a PPC expert and you might be interested in joining our team, you can view our current openings here.

George Haslett

Founder & Managing Director

"I began Xaso off the back of ~12 years' PPC agency experience - everything from building and managing accounts to running whole departments.

I was fortunate enough to lead for some of the world's largest and most recognisable brands over my career. While I learnt a lot, I still believed it could be taken further, and I knew that would require a new type of company to be achieved.

Outside of Xaso, I'm a keen cyclist and a huge fan of risotto."