eBay Ads

With eBay Ads, we can help you generate sales and achieve growth by connecting you with over 185 million shoppers on eBay.

Solutions for Every Objective

eBay Ads provide a wealth of advertising solutions to grow sales for businesses both on and off the eBay site.

By making you present where your potential customers are looking for you, and leveraging exclusive third-party audience data, we’re able to purchase targeted, high-value inventory which generates results.

Leverage eBay's Real Intent Audience Data

eBay is leading the way with their self named “Advanced Audience Technology”; a cookieless, server-to-server audience definition technology. They track and analyse billions of proprietary shopper signals on their site to reveal user shopping intent (what users are looking to buy, or sell, and when), users are then grouped by intent and made available for targeting.

Direct or Programmatic Ad Purchasing

We’re able to directly purchase display adverts, high-impact takeovers, top of search display and native display ads on eBay, as well as being able to programmatically purchasing display adverts on behalf of our clients.

Regardless of business size and objective, we’re able to best serve scale requirements with the respective best-fit options.

One Part of the Whole

For larger retailers with revenues dependant on multiple digital markets, eBay ads can integrate into your whole mix; driving profits independently, as well as supporting purchasing behaviours across all other channels.

Our Approach

Find out more about how our approach to eBay Ads, and how (and why) we consider our work a science.