Microsoft Advertising

Formerly known as Bing Ads, we can help you find new customers and grow sales with Microsoft Advertising.

Expand Search & Display Reach with Microsoft Advertising

Businesses wanting to expand the reach of their paid marketing activity across platforms, specifically from Google to Bing, is one of the most common motivations behind wanting to deploy campaigns to Bing via Microsoft Advertising.

While we can help you expand the reach of your current activity via Microsoft’s advertising networks, we don’t just copy and paste; by leveraging Microsoft Advertising’s unique native features, with our bespoke suite of account management tools, we maximise the effectiveness of all campaigns we run on Microsoft’s networks.

We're a Microsoft Advertising Partner

We’re very, very proud to be partnered with Microsoft as an officially recognised and accredited partner.

As an advertising partner, we have access to exclusive training programs on new and upcoming Microsoft products, and have access to private Alpha and Beta programs (where we get to test new non-public facing features on our clients’ accounts).

To maintain this status, we adhere to very high standards of account management, we ensure the whole team is fully Microsoft Advertising certified, and follow Microsoft best practices for managing and optimising ad accounts.

The Xaso Stack

We’ve built special management tools, specifically for Microsoft Advertising, to ensure we get the maximum value possible out of the work we do on either Google Ads or Microsoft Advertising.

Mirroring new campaigns, adverts, tests, extensions, audiences and more, across platforms guarantees we don’t waste time doing work twice.

Lower Cost, Older Demographic

Bing currently represents around 10% of the searches happening every day in the UK, so while seen as a generally risk-free way of generating new, but smaller revenues (in comparison with Google), Bing still has some merits that Google does not.

Bing users represent a much older demographic with larger disposable incomes, and it’s very common to find lower click costs and higher conversion rates across many markets.

Our Approach

Find out more about how our approach to Microsoft Advertising, and how (and why) we consider our work a science.