Drainage Sales
Platforms & Mediums Covered in Study:
  • Google Ads
  • Bing Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Analytics
Cost per Sale

Who are they?

Drainage Sales is an independent, specialist supplier of above ground and underground drainage systems. Part of the PBSL Group, they’ve helped tens of thousands of customers across the UK find the perfect drainage product for their needs.

What did we achieve?

We helped them reduce their media spend by over 30% while generating 20% more sales, every year for the past three years.

How did we achieve that?

Cycled testing and keyword research (boring, we know).

Along with all the other improvement techniques we employ on the strategies we execute, cycled testing and keyword research really stands out the most for Drainage Sales. Through consistent and rigorous testing, we were able to consistently improve (almost) all performance metrics (almost) every month. With this, due to constant keyword research across all product areas, after three years; in the most recent quarter, over 70% of the accounts’ conversions came via keywords that didn’t exist within the account in the first year of our management.

On-going keyword research is vital in every account, but it really proved successful here as we were able to uncover new fascets of search traffic we weren’t previously leveraging.