Paid Search

As the largest facilitator of purchasing behaviour, search engines provide a wealth of customer targeting potential at vital moments in their purchasing journey.

Smart Marketers Augmented by the Xaso Stack

In 2020 alone we managed close to £2M in paid search spend for our clients (mainly between Google & Bing Ads), generating over £10m in collective revenue (and contributing to even more).

Whether you’re new in market or already well established, we can help you increase the effectiveness of your PPC spend via our intelligent approach to management.

Bespoke Integrations to Maximise First & Third-Party Data

Where required we build any necessary systems to optimise your campaigns with; bespoke tracking systems, bespoke attribution models, integrations for product feeds and business data and much more.

Strategies Designed to Incubate Profitable Growth

Strategies that are most profitable in the short term won’t always sustain long-term business growth.

Done in its most effective way, paid search can support a much wider marketing strategy; spanning multiple devices, channels, and ad mediums – both online and off. When required, we design strategies that focus ad spend on customer interactions pre and post-purchase which maximise both immediate, and long-term customer value.

Leverage Competitor Tracking

We use competitor insights derived from our own tracking for optimisation and targeting in real-time; if you’re priced best, we’re able to forecast performance and adjust where possible to maximise your advantage.

While automated (smart) bidding brings a lot of value for large, high volume accounts, it by nature reveals a lot of information on the advertisers’ current performance; by tracking movements in competitor positioning and market share, we’re able to approximate their conversion rates and CPCs – with this we’re able to exploit expected outcomes, generating better results when know competitors can’t compete.

Paid Search Platforms

Find out more about the specific platforms on which we manage paid search adverts.

24/7 Account Support & Monitoring

Our automated monitoring systems detect any anomalies in performance across our clients’ accounts at all hours of the day. This includes website downtime and cart functionality; so in the event of any integral systems going down, we can automatically pause your campaigns to prevent any wasted spend and text your account manager to raise the alarm.

Paid Search for Offline Businesses

Our PPC management isn’t just for online businesses focused on online outcomes; we’ve developed and refined approaches for businesses with one or many offline locations, generating footfall and sales via customers ready to physically engage with brands.

Being able to accurately track shop visits post ad click means we’re able to quantify the true performance of online spend to offline sales. Enabling us to scale up this activity in a way not possible before.

Our Approach

Find out more about our approach to paid search, and how (and why) we see our work as a science.