Paid Shopping

We currently manage ~100,000 unique products for our clients pushed to inventories and stores across major search, display and social networks.

Inventory Managed at Scale

We’ve developed and refined our approach of paid shopping campaigns to ensure the same standards are met when we manage with 40,000 unique products, or 40; we’re able to build, set live and optimise campaigns fast and effectively irrespective of your inventory size.

Product Data Optimisation

It all begins with your product data; where product data determines the product to search query matching, the quality and accuracy of it largely determine the performance ceiling of the campaigns you’re running.

Starting with the best quality data you can, and continuing to optimise it when opportunities emerge is key for running high performing shopping campaigns.

Bespoke Integrations for Competitor Price Tracking

In niche markets with fewer sellers, tracking and optimising around peer group pricing can be a highly effective way of maximising gross profits. This enables us to pre-empt conversion rate movements in real-time and adjust accordingly.

The insights derived can also be used to make more informed decisions on your own pricing, coupled with the ability to track and understand the impact on performance at campaign level, we’re able to run campaigns that outperform everyone else’s.

Paid Shopping Platforms

Find out more about the specific paid shopping platforms on which we manage adverts.

Online and In‑Store Sales

While shopping ads are usually thought of as an online avenue of generating sales and revenue, we use them frequently to display the inventory of local stores, informing potential customers of what is in-stock and where.

Tying local inventory ads in with a wider PPC strategy focused on driving footfall is a hugely effective way of increasing in-store sales in a very controllable manner.

Our Approach

Find out more about our approach to paid shopping, and how (and why) we see our work as a science.